The Winery

Georg Hugl produces sparkling wines using the traditional methode since 1979 together with his wife Barbara. Their winery in Stützenhofen is situated in the north of the Weinviertel Region. Nowadays the oldest children, Christina & Daniel are working in the family owend winery as well. They both inspire the winery with new ideas.

“We do not want to imitate anything, we want to produce our own products using regional grape varietes.”

To reflect the typical character of the Weinviertel, it takes a lot of know-how and experience and a lot of time. The perfect basewine is low in alcohol but high in acidity. By harvesting the grapes slightly later than usual,  the basewine gets a unique bouquet which allows the second fermentation to involve a distinctive character, that does not ask for any other ingredients. 


Our winery is awarded by:

Salon Österreich, Gault Millau, AWC, selection - das Genussmagazin

The Hugl Family

In 1980 Georg and Barbara took over the family owned farm from Georgs father, after Barbara moved from Switzerland to the picturesque Weinveirtel region. Instead of continuing working on a mixed farm, they focused on the winery. Soon Daniel & Raphael were born followed by their younger sisters Christina & Rebecca. Raphael is a master of bakery and about to start his own business, Rebecca is very talented in singing and playing the guitar and piano.

Daniel & Christina are already working together with their parents in the winery. They both bring the best requirements for joining the wine industry: Daniel graduated from Viticulture & Pomology school and now works as a consultant for viticulture. Christina graduated from a tourism school and has now the biggest honour a wine enthousiast can have: until 2017 she is the wine queen of Austria. In this position she visits many events in and around Austria to represent Austrian wines.

Not to forget: Lupa & Carli, the furry heroes who take care of law and order (not).

Christina I. - Winequeen of Austria

Christina is Wine Queen of Austria. She  represents the most delicate drink of all times as „the smile of wine“: Wine.  By investing a lot of time she may represent Austria as a great country for viticulture with a lot of motivation and joy.

Together with her vice-winequeens Dagmar & Victoria and their princesses Melanie & Natascha she has the honour to represent Austrian wine in all its varieties. Austria has a long tradition in growing, harvesting and producing many different types of wine and since more than 60 years winequeens represent Austria.

After graduating from tourism school in Retz, Christina left to the Netherlands, where she worked as a service employee for about 4 years in Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin. She also received the diplomas of the Austrian Wine Sommelier and the Sparkling Wine Sommelier.

Wine has become a big part in Christinas life. She is responslible for sales and marketing in the winery and also tries to get to know the secrets of Georg’s sparkling wine production.

Togehter with her vicequeens Christina has developed the „royal winebox“ which is a unique selection of the queens favourite wines.

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The Vineyards

The Weinviertel region is the biggest winegrowing region in Austria, hosting almost 13.500 hectares of vineyards. On the most northern point close to the Czech border you can find the small village Stützenhofen.

On soft rolling hills and sunny spots Grüner Veltliner & Welschriesling grows perfectly. These grapes show the perfect character of the Weinviertel region with their vivid acidity and fresh fruitiness. Also Blauer Zweigelt pressed as a Blanc de Noirs is perfect for producing sparkling wines.

The terroir of Stützenhofen stretches out on Pampich, Schachern, Spitzen & Wirtshausäcker which are are famous for the high content of soil and primitive rock. The ideal gradient and a lot of sunny hours give a great fundament to produce basewines.

Winemakers Service

As additional service to winegrowers the Weinviertler Sektmanufaktur offers the possibility to produce sparkling wine for them. Producing sparkling wine by using the traditional methode requires a lot of experience, know-how & time. With more than 35 years of experience Georg Hugl is one of the specialists in sparkling wine production.

„Give your wine a little sparkle!“

If you are interessted in a counselling interview, we can arrange a meeting to taste your preferred basewine and adapt our offers to your requirements. Contact us via 





23 carats in the most exiting finishing ever! The Goldstück combines the traditional grapevarieties, elaborate handcraft and pure enjoyment in one!

Available as Goldstück dry, rosé or „sweet“ and in different bottlesizes (up to 15 litres).

If desired, we design a personalized label for special occasions!





As the name classic say, it is the prestigecuvée oft he Weinviertler Sektmanufaktur. It consits of Grüner Veltliner and Welschriesling. The same cuvée was used in the first trial of sparklingwineproduction. The spicyness of Grüner Veltliner and the vivid acidity of Welschriesling are, combined with a fine perlage, perfectly creamy and rich in finesse.

To prove the long stability of these two grape varieties there are many vintages up to 1984 (on demand).




Blanc de Noirs

Something extraordinary is the Blanc de Noirs series whichs is made from a 100% blauer Zweigelt. This grapevariety captivates with its creamyness and the yeasty aroma. To produce Blanc de Noirs is one of Georg Hugls specialities.



by Christina Hugl

Playfull, delightful, incomplicated, slightly childish: this is how Jeunesse is supposed to be. A light, refreshing sparkling wine, which shows the feminin side of the Weinviertler Sektmanufaktur. It was Christinas idea to show sparkling wine fans that it is not just about fullbodied sparkling wines but also about some fruity and easy to drink wines.

Jeunesse is available as brut, brut rosé and demi-sec for the sweet thoots underneath us.



Sparkling diversity

Besides the traditional grapevarieties sparkling wine lovers might like these other two cuvees aswell: Sauvignonblanc x Welschriesling & Traminer x Welschriesling.

Sauvignon blanc has an great structure and delightfully herbal notes, the Welschriesling gives a wonderfull spicyness.

The Traminer shows a flowery bouquet with hints of honey and a gentle savoury component from the Welschriesling .

The Queens Sparkling Wine

To give her periode as a winequeen a special flair, Christina decided to present the royal winebox. Together with her vicequeens Dagmar & Victoria they decided to create something special: instead of printing a picture with their crowns on on the bottle, they put their creative heads toghether and invented the royal winebox. It consits of Christinas, Dagmars & Victorias favourite wines. It’s even more interessting because those 3 queens live in 3 totally different regions so they present 3 totally different types of wine. Christinas part was of course the sparkling wine, thats why she chose the Zweigelt rosé 2012. Dagmars wine is a Grüner Veltliner Kremstal DAC and Victoria brought in the Cuvée royale consisting of Zweigelt, Merlot & Blaufränkisch.

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White Wine & Red Wine

Besides sparkling wine we also produce still wines. Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling, white Zweigelt and also Zweigelt or Blauer Portugieser are very popular.

The first bottled wine of every years is the baptised wine. Since more than 7 years the winebaptism takes place at the winery in Stützenhofen and the winegodfathers have to find a special name for the so called „dusty“ wine.

If the circumstances allow it, we draw our attention to fullbodied, spicy red wines, which age in the wine cellar for a least 2 years in oakbarrels.